Ditch the Desk and Visit Mr. Bao for a Flavour-Packed Lunch Break

Tired of the same old salads and sandwiches for lunch?

Craving for something a little more exciting, a little more flavourful, and a little more... bao-tastic?

Mr. Bao on Heritage Lane is your answer!

Mr. Bao is a hidden gem within Brisbane for those looking for a quick, delicious, and affordable lunch escape.

So you can kiss those sad desk lunches and treat yourself to an Asian fusion feast that’ll leave you feeling satisfied and energised for the rest of the day.

From fluffy bao buns bursting with flavour to hearty rice bowls packed with protein and veggies, our small but mighty menu is designed to please every palate.

And with our convenient location and lightning-fast service, you can enjoy a gourmet lunch without sacrificing your precious break time.

Bao-Licious Bites That Will Make You Swoon

Let’s talk baos. These pillowy soft steamed buns are the stars of the show, and they’re packed with flavour combinations that’ll blow your mind.

· The Braised Pork Bao – This one’s a classic for a great reason. Imagine tender, melt-in-your-mouth pork belly, braised in a savoury sauce that’s both sweet and salty. It’s so juicy, it’s basically a flavour bomb waiting to explode in your mouth.

· Crispy Chicken Bao – If you’re into crunchy textures, this one’s for you. Crispy fried chicken that gets a kick from tangy kimchi mayo and a cooling crunch from fresh veggies. It’s a party in a bun!

· Soft Shell Crab Bao – Craving seafood? This bao delivers. A whole soft-shell crab is fried to a golden crisp, then nestled in a fluffy bun

with creamy garlic aioli. It’s a little messy, a whole lot delicious, and totally worth the extra napkins.

You can grab three of these delicious baos for just $20!

Rice Bowls That Pack a Punch

Next up: the Crispy Chicken Bao.

Crispy fried chicken meets the pillowy softness of a steamed bun.

The kimchi mayo adds a tangy, spicy kick that cuts through the richness. It’s a flavour rollercoaster, each bite is a perfect blend of savoury and spicy.

You could pair this with an Espresso Martini – the bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the vodka will balance out the spicy mayo and enhance the chicken’s savoury notes.

Sometimes, you just need a hearty bowl of goodness to fuel your afternoon. Mr. Bao’s rice bowls are where it’s at.

· Slow Cooked Beef Brisket & Rice – This one’s pure comfort food. Tender beef brisket, slow-cooked until it’s falling apart, is piled high on the fluffy rice and drizzled with a savoury sauce. It’s the kind of dish that warms you from the inside out.

· Karaage Chicken Katsu Curry – Crispy chicken katsu is the star of this bowl, batched in a rich, fragrant curry sauce. The combination of textures – crispy chicken, soft rice, and the creamy curry – is simply irresistible.

So many flavours, so little time!

And that’s just the beginning! Our lunch menu is packed with options that satisfy every craving!

So, ditch the desk lunch and make your midday meal an adventure!

Head over to Mr. Bao on Heritage Lane, where the best of Asian fusion cuisine awaits in Brisbane city.

Whether you’re craving a quick and delicious bite or a more leisurely lunch escape, we’ve got you covered!

Experience the magic of a small but mighty menu that’s packed with flavour and satisfaction.

Your tastebuds (and your afternoon productivity!) will thank you.

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